Girls Of Cosplay, Why are they so sexy?

First this! What is Cosplay?

The term “cosplay” is a mashup of “costume” and “play.” (For grammar nerds out there, combining multiple words into a new one is called a portmanteau, such as when “motor” and “hotel” were combined into the new word “motel”). The story goes that writer Nobuyuki Takahashi coined the word in the Japanese magazine My Anime after attending the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles.

Comic book and science fiction conventions have a long history of encouraging attendees to dress up in costume, even hosting masquerade competitions for them. However, cosplay has grown dramatically over the last 15 to 20 years, and there are even conventions dedicated specifically to dressing up.

Girls of Cosplay, Why are they so sexy.
Alyssa Model – ViperGirls Cosplay Series.

Why wear sexy outfits?

The answer to the question is because they want to. Cosplay girls and boys are free to choose what they want to wear and some people like to look sexy, or they are models who are trying to advertise themselves. It’s true, some Cosplay models can make tons of money dressing up and looking sexy. It’s one of the most lucrative businesses with the lowest amount of effort required other than personal desire.

Girls of Cosplay - ViperGirls
Girls of Cosplay – ViperGirls – Alyssa Model

Cosplay Girls are Hot!

There’s no denying it. Cosplay girls are sexy. Why are they sexy is the question. It’s the freedom to express themselves we love. It’s the fact that they can take a one dimensional character and bring them to life. It’s fantasy, It’s fun, Its cute and it’s empowering freedom.

People really like to be sexually attractive.

All cosplayers like feeling sexy and enjoy the attention they get from looking fantastic. There are, however, hazards associated with looking attractive. It can attract attention from people we don’t find attractive (which can sometimes take the form of harassment), and it can provoke people to call Coplayers unflattering names, both of which are greater hazards for women especially.

Girls of Cosplay - ViperGirls
Girls of Cosplay – ViperGirls – Alyssa Model


Its 100% okay to be a Cosplayer, Its 100% okay to find Cosplay Girls and Guys sexy and attractive. What’s important is to remember to respect them. They are doing something they love. They are doing it to feel alive and sexy. There is also no harm in that.

Girls of Cosplay - ViperGirls
Girls of Cosplay – ViperGirls – Alyssa Model

To those interested in Cosplay

Cosplay conventions, and Halloween, and Online platforms like Twitch are great opportunities to dress sexy while dodging the worst of the slut-shaming from assholes and creeps. On the flip side, Cosplay conventions also tend to be filled with friendly people, so if anyone harasses you, there are many people there who will be up for coming to your aid. It is a sexual outlet for people, many of whom live otherwise sexually repressed lives. If our culture were less hostile to sex in general, and didn’t necessarily associate showing skin with sex (and therefore considering it bad), we wouldn’t have this strange bipolarity of life in the daytime and being sexy kittens on Halloween night, and other costumed settings.

Respect Cosplay models. Let them be anything they want to be. We love Cosplay girls because they also make us feel alive.

I love Cosplay Girls. I personally would love to feature more models in their Cosplay costumes.

Thank You Alyssa for spending some time with me in your creative world. To see more of Alyssa click on the blue box below. If you are interested in modeling for us in your Cosplay costumes. Please use the contact form to let us know.

Alyssa - ViperGirls Magazine - Aqua Kitty
Alyssa – ViperGirls Magazine – Aqua Kitty

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Cosplay Girls, Why are they so sexy? Because they are!